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Deeper Connect Pico

The World’s One and Only Decentralized VPN (DPN) & Secure Gateway Hardware – For Life!

What is Deeper Connect Pico 

Deeper Connect Pico is the world’s thinnest, lightest, smallest, and yet the most unique and powerful cybersecurity hardware device, which integrates a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall and the world’s one and only Decentralized VPN (DPN).

Pico continues the legacy of the Deeper Connect family of products with the same plug-and-play setup and all the familiar features, providing convenience for people who travel frequently. With an included Wi-Fi Adapter, you can enjoy a safe and fast private network anytime and anywhere whether you are at home or on the go.

 What Can Deeper Connect Pico Help with 


Absolutely No Annual Fees or Subscriptions

Coming fully loaded with DPN (Decentralized VPN), Ad blocking, and Cybersecurity features, the Deeper Connect Pico can save you over US$ 600 a year compared to subscribing to similar individual services. 


Zero Configuration

Deeper Connect Pico is a truly all-in-one solution requiring minimal configuration to connect to all your devices, with the included Wi-Fi Adapter simply set up the Pico at home or on the go to enjoy all of its amazing features.

One Device

Multiple Configurations

Access to Unrestricted & Secure Internet Anytime, Anywhere

Decentralized Private Network (DPN)

It is not VPN, it is the better DPN

The worldwide network of Deeper Connect devices enables a fully decentralized VPN experience (DPN) with Multi-Routing, Smart Routing and unrestricted access to content from any country without sacrificing Internet speed. DPN is not VPN, DPN has no centralized servers, ultimate control over your own encrypted data, censorship free providing a democratic internet with no speed dropping.

*To learn more about DPN, please refer to this article “A 101 on DPN“.  

In the Decentralized Private Network (DPN), each device serves as both client and server and their IP address will be automatically changed based on their routing rules. Deeper Connect can establish up to 16 tunnels to other nodes all over the world. By default, they will be established in the US, Europe, Singapore, and China.


Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Deeper Connect Pico comes with a fully-featured suite of enterprise-grade security functions to keep you safe while online and protect all your IoT devices. Never again worry about your and your family’s safety while browsing online and rest easy knowing that every device in your network is secure.

The lock-free operating system running on the Pico, AtomOS, provides a 7-layer firewall with deep packet inspection, anti-tracking, intrusion prevention and more. These features are typically found in enterprise-grade products costing several times more than the Pico.

Protect All Your IoT Devices

Deeper Connect Pico grants peace of mind and prevents malicious actors from gaining access to your personal information, IoT devices, personal computers, and anything else connected to your network. There is no configuration necessary, once the device is powered on your network will be secure.

Deeper Connect has been designed by top-level network security and distributed systems experts. The company’s core technical team are veterans from Google, Palo Alto Networks, VMware, and other industry-leading companies.

Blocking All Ads

Deeper Connect Pico is capable of blocking ALL ads, even including pesky YouTube ads (save $144/year). Never again deal with annoying interruptions while you are browsing or watching videos.

Pop up ads, banner ads, suggested products, embedded ads; these all intrude on the content you really want to access and are targeted based on information about you. After blocking those ads by Pico,  you can enjoy a fast and undisturbed browsing experience. 

One-click Parental Control

Deeper Connect Pico offers simple and effective parental control.  Keep your children safe from inappropriate or dangerous content on the internet with a single click. Enable filtering to block those undesirable websites and even set up your own custom lists to control what content can be accessed.

Deeper Connect offers simple and effective parental control, by which a single click from you will enable/disable a filter for pornography and violence-containing websites.

Bandwidth Sharing

We do not own any centralized servers as every Deeper Connect is in essence a server and a client. All these devices distribute around the world to communicate and share bandwidth with each other.

Every user can set a limit to the amount of bandwidth he/she wants to share with other users. One advantage is that users can receive credits for sharing their bandwidth to later exchange them for Deeper Network services, which include monthly software updates.

This form of sharing economy has the advantage to benefit the users who contribute to the sharing, without the need of a middle man mediating the transactions or charging fees.

What’s in the Box 


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