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CopGain – Real-time Ambient Backlight Kit for Multimedia

Real-time Ambient Lighting I Fits Any Screen Up to 120 Inches I 15 Lighting Modes I Remarkable Color Accuracy I 4 HDMI Inputs

 Nothing beats watching a great movie with the family or playing video games at home. But have you ever found that the audio sounded great but the visual experience was lacking?


The problem is, even if you’ve got an incredible television or projector paired with a phenomenal soundbar or surround sound system, the way you experience colors can be limited because they don’t fill your entire field of vision as they would in real life, or surround you the way sound does.


Now, it’s time for an upgrade! Introducing: CopGain – It transforms your theater room, adding stunning colors with real-time lighting that syncs to the on-screen action. This high-tech ambient lighting kit mounts behind your screen to fill the room with colorful, mood-enhancing lighting effects that perfectly complement the screen, making your multimedia experience incredibly immersive.


Wondering how CopGain blends vivid colors into reality in real-time, enhancing the realism and the vibe? Let’s learn how CopGain creates an immersive visual experience for you.

Enjoy every color of the spectrum, frame by frame – it’s one of many benefits of owning the CopGain Smart HDMI Box. No matter what kind of media you choose: TV, computer, PS5, or other devices with HDMI ports – the light will automatically change with zero latency to coordinate with whatever scene happens to be playing out on the screen. Simply hook up any of your devices with an HDMI port to the box, and you’ll be able to change colors at will without experiencing lag. It makes for some pretty mesmerizing eye candy!

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With 4 HDMI ports, you’ll have access to whichever screen/device/console suits you using just one source. Whether it’s your TV, PC Monitor, PS5, Switch, or any other device with HDMI inputs, CopGain is compatible with them all! What’s more, when connected the lighting effect will seamlessly shift between screens with a click of the button so that you don’t miss out on anything!



Ever been annoyed at the slow syncing of devices when connected? CopGain is the answer. With HDMI 2.0 inputs, this device will sync fast and seamlessly no matter what quality video streaming format you use: HDR10+, 4K, or Dolby Vision!

HDR10+, 4K, or Dolby Vision Are All Supported!

CopGain’s color accuracy is unmatched and can’t be found anywhere else. Utilizing an FPGA-based controller board and applying it to light strips with ARGB LEDs ensures that it provides vivid color reproduction every time. 

With advanced AI programming, each LED is intelligently controlled to deliver stable, accurate, and vivid color effects. CopGain produces life-like lighting effects with an impressive array of colors and brightness levels. 15 lighting modes immerse you in a wonderland of visuals to explore the endless possibilities for illumination.

We offer different sizes of CopGain to fit any screen from 32 inches up to 120 inches. You can use the minimum size of 32 inches for your PC monitor if you want to add extra light effects to enhance your gaming experience or go for 120 inches if you plan on using it with your luxury big-screen TV.

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When you watch television or use a computer in a dark room, your eyes stare intently at a small window of very bright light that is floating in the sea of darkness around the screen. This causes your eyes to become rapidly fatigued. With extended exposure, you’ll likely experience dry or watery eyes, general discomfort, and even tension headaches radiating out from the temple area.


Add a CopGain ambient backlight behind the screen and it will provide extra light to the room while also reducing strain on your eyes when viewing in low lighting conditions.

With a handy remote control, you can change the lights based on whatever suits your mood or need from one moment to the next. Whether it’s for videos, music, or more. CopGain takes care of every aspect – from colors to brightness – so that you can achieve the perfect lighting atmosphere for any occasion.

User-friendly and easy to use, all the necessary equipment is included. Unpack, plug in, and attach the light strip to the back of your TV/monitor screen; once they are paired up you’re good to go!

Feel free to visit our CopGain branded office and showroom, located at 5011 Brooks St, Montclair, CA 91763, USA. Even though we’re not fully set up yet, you are still welcome to come to see us if you wish. We’ll be filming some informational videos soon so stay tuned for them in the CopGain VIP Group. Don’t forget to check back often as we’ll be posting updates on all the new things coming soon including products!