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CarrGenie: Redefined Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

USB Plug & Play | Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto | Android 11 | Built-in GPS | Native OEM Control | Dual Bluetooth & 4G SIM Card

Your car’s factory infotainment system deserves an upgrade. CarrGenie is a powerful Android device that converts wired Apple CarPlay & Android Auto to Wireless. It allows mirroring of the complete Android system to the car screen.  By simply plugging in the USB cable, CarrGenie can convert your car`s OEM infotainment screen to an Android 11 system

Using Bluetooth, connect to your phone to enjoy CarPlay & Android Auto wirelessly. No more cords and you don’t need to change the head unit. You can easily upgrade your car’s capabilities. Once enabled, you can harness the power of the Android 11 system to download apps like YouTube, Netflix, and all your favorites

You deserve a better in-car entertainment experience. Now is the time to unlock your car`s full potential and enjoy your ride like never before!

The typical way to connect your smartphone with the auto head unit still requires the irritating OEM operating system and an easily tangled cord. We designed CarrGenie to effortlessly convert your head unit into a powerful Android system. Plug it into the vehicle and the car’s original infotainment system will automatically switch to the Android system in seconds. CarrGenie is powered by Android 11 and allows you to run any app such as YouTube, Netflix, and more in your car.  

Very few cars support wireless CarPlay, most require cords to connect to phones. CarrGenie set out to change that and improve driving infotainment options for everyone. No matter what OS your phone uses, CarrGenie works like a charm in your car without cords or the need to change the head unit. 

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No one wants to have to remember to bring another cord with them or have a messy car console strewn with cables. With CarrGenie, messy, tangled cords are a thing of the past. Your car looks cleaner and operates more safely. 

With CarrGenie you can enjoy CarPlay/Android Auto by connecting to the adapter via Bluetooth. After a quick one-time setup, your phone will then connect automatically every time you drive. Go ahead and leave your phone in your pocket and let CarrGenie do the rest.  

Every time you unplug your phone to make a payment your music and navigation shuts down. With CarrGenie, you do not need to inconveniently unplug your phone to pay when you pass the toll station.

The built-in Bluetooth module and the standalone operating system provide a stable connection with your phone. You can use it freely to make a payment and the navigation and music will never be interrupted. With CarrGenie, Bluetooth music and hands-free phone calls become effortless.

No matter whether you are driving or parked, radio stations alone cannot meet our entertainment demands. With Android 11 providing an infinite number of choices, you can enjoy more music, videos, and even games by downloading various apps on Google Play. Endless entertainment is available directly on your vehicle’s screen.

CarrGenie was created with the goal of improving the driving experience. The mirror function displays your phone on the larger car screen, making everything easy to see and control. Wireless screen mirroring for iPhone and Android makes it easy to stay connected, entertained, and on-route during road trips.

Sharing is nice. So we designed the split screen function for sharing CarrGenie with your friend. Split your car screen into two separate standalone screens. Passengers can watch a video or play games while you are driving and running a navigation app without interference between the two sides. 

Diverse entertainment needs enough ROM support. So we prepared an extra TF card slot for expansion up to 128GB. For ease of use, we created a mistake-proof design to prevent confusion between the TF card slot and the SIM card slot.

To satisfy the network demands of navigation, CarrGenie is equipped with a built-in SIM card slot, and 2G/3G/4G LTE is available. Normal voice calls and mobile communications are a piece of the cake. CarrGenie will not fail when there is no Wi-Fi. It can even provide Wi-Fi to your phone.

With the built-in GPS antenna, adapting to a variety of positioning signals, CarrGenie can effortlessly run navigation apps, like Google Maps, Waze, Yandex, and more. Online or offline navigation is both supported.

Our primary motivation is to optimize the driving and user experience. So we prepared multiple interaction methods. If your car has a touch screen it is ideal, you can easily operate the system. And we also did some adaptation work for those users whose car head units are controlled by knobs or joysticks. For convenience, the steering wheel control buttons are still functional and with you can even ask for a voice assistant. You can keep the same driving habit with this magical gadget.

CarrGenie provides an incredible user experience, with no lagging, and no latency. It is all thanks to the powerful Octal-core 1.8Ghz CPU Qualcomm SDM450 and 4GB RAM, and with TF card support in addition to its own 64GB internal storage, there are no storage capacity problems.

With typical auto accessories, Heat Dissipation problems may cause signal discontinuity and processor degradation hassle. To avoid this, our design uses an ultra-efficient heat dissipation design for stable running. The common mode rejection (CMR) circuit and the 3rd-generation launcher design guarantee the strength of the transmitted signal, reduce the noise signal in transmission and ensure smooth operation under all conditions.

The effect of external currents is addressed with an Anti-static circuit and EMC Electrical circuit design. No potential pitfalls of static electricity exist and the service life of CarrGenie is extremely long. 

You can go cable-free on both Apple & Android phones. We have tested lots of car models with Wired CarPlay, and all of them worked like a charm. You can instantly upgrade your existing car infotainment/head unit with CarrGenie. We believe we can make driving safer and more convenient for everyone. This is our No.1 priority!