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Capsule Gravity: Your Futuristic Efficiency Booster

Pomodoro Timer| Kitchen Timer|Flip to Countdown|5,000mAh Power Bank|20W Fast-charge iPhone, iPad & MacBook|Cyberpunk See-through Design

Capsule Gravity is a time manager that can be used as a multi-purpose digital clock and 3-in-1 timer (clock, Pomodoro timer, countdown timer, timekeeper, and alarm clock). Simply flip it over to boost productivity instantly! In addition, you can stay powered up while on the go with its 20W charging output and 5,000mAh battery capacity fast charging. Use it to power all electronics easily. 

To learn about productivity, our research showed that 86.8% of coworkers and 83.6% of college students find themselves procrastinating and working inefficiently while trying to complete tasks and projects in their busy lives. 

That made us wonder: as an innovative company, what creative solutions can we come up with to help?

With more and more people working and studying from home, it becomes harder and harder to get things done and balance life and work.

That’s why we designed Capsule Gravity – to help you manage time, boost efficiency and live a more balanced life!

Like a cyberpunk hourglass, Capsule Gravity is controlled by a gravity sensor and with a simple flip, it begins a countdown timer to mark time and help you focus on the task at hand.

Pomodoro Timer

Work with the time— rather than against it! The Pomodoro Technique is a proven method of time management that increases efficiency through hyper-focus. 

 Capsule Gravity is the ultimate Pomodoro timer to help with your study or work. With one flip, start your journey to ultra-efficiency. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be able to form a virtuous circle of efficient effort from now on!

Countdown Timer

A healthy lifestyle cannot be sustained without nutritious food and regular exercise. Capsule Gravity’s easy-flip countdown timer is the perfect way to find the time for both, keeping your lifestyle efficient and healthy!


  •  For cooking

For any cooking lover, a timer for the kitchen is of vital importance to keep track of your favorite dishes: pasta, boiled eggs, grilled meats, and desserts…. A good timer in the kitchen should always be handy and visible and Capsule Gravity fits that need perfectly!

  • For workout

You can also use the timer as your reliable workout companion. No matter if you’re doing aerobics, muscle building, or HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training), Capsule Gravity will help you to complete your sets efficiently. 

  • For maintaining a healthy schedule

As a bonus, this countdown timer can also be an alarm clock to help you maintain a healthy sleeping schedule.


Stimulate your cognitive abilities while having fun, Capsule Gravity serves as a super cool stopwatch, counting time for any games like Crosswords, Rubik’s Cube, Puzzle, Sudoku, or board games!


Featuring one 20W USB-C port, Capsule Gravity can quickly charge your smartphone or even your MacBook Air. It can charge your iPhone 13 to 60% battery in 30 mins which is 4x faster than a standard power bank. Your Samsung, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel, GoPro, Kindle, and more can be conveniently charged at home or on the go!

Available in 3 colors, you can now get the Go-anywhere Power Set with Capsule Gravity and Capsule Portal

Capsule Gravity follows the cyberpunk style, giving it a hint of next-gen technology. When you don’t need it to work as a time management tool, you can place it on your table, shelf, or even hang it on the wall as an eye-catching cyberpunk decoration.