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BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster for Nintendo Switch

A faster & more stable WiFi signal receiver for your Switch | Wide-coverage & high-speed 5G/2.4G WiFi Internet (Network) connection

BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster is acting as an external NIC for Nintendo Switch, which enhances the Wi-Fi connection and accelerates Switch’s Wi-Fi speed up to 3 times. Not only is this high-powered wireless device bringing you the experience of a wired network, but it also travels at the speed of light and is faster than the built-in Wi-Fi module in Switch.

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BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster has a more powerful router chipset with hardware network accelerator, allowing you to rush as fast as you want in team battles with multiple players. You deserve to play smooth online real-time games with few or no frozen screens and glitches. We have Wi-Fi Booster for you.

We know it’s dull to play in one spot. Now, with BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster, you can enjoy true Wi-Fi portability and move around in the room. A little secret: with broader network signal coverage, you can even play Switch in your yards!  

BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster will use up practically no space. You can take it in your pocket or in your Switch case – so you can speed up anywhere you go! It is powered by Switch and does not get in the way of charging Switch, so you don’t need to worry about the charging situation. 

Wi-Fi Booster works in a simple way. After downloading the BuffKits App, you can connect your home Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Booster via Bluetooth. The App remembers recent networks, so it will be ready to use whenever you want. One-time pairing works for each time! 

So how can you connect BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster to your Switch to enjoy the ultimate Internet connection optimization experience? That’s so easy:

BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster is compatible with all Nintendo Switch models and all game modes. Whether you want to use handheld, docked mode, or charge Switch while playing, we got you covered! Wi-Fi Booster is not the device that limits you from various ways to gaming. It is the best venturing pal for you, to explore a new world of possibilities.