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BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 All-In-One Emergency Power Source

The Smallest 1843Wh LiFePO4 Power Station for Power Outages and Outdoor Adventures

What do you if you’re at home and suddenly there’s a power outage that lasts anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days? Or when you’re out camping but flashlights and conventional power banks go out of power just as you’re settling in? Now, with BigBlue Cellpowa 2500, you can enjoy the convenience and high-capacity of a portable power station that is there for you whenever you need it, wherever you are!

BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 supports three main charging methods that allow you to keep your power station as ready for action as you want it:


Bullet-D fast charging technology allows your Cellpowa 2500 to quickly get 80% power in 1.5 hours. In addition, the DC7909 solar charging ports of Cellpowa 2500 is designed with anti-reverse connection protection, it means that there will be no damage to the Cellpowa 2500 even if your solar panels are wrongly connected.

The AC cable lets you seamlessly and quickly charge your Cellpowa 2500 using any power outlet, reaching 80% of battery in 1.5 hours. Compared with AC-DC recharging power stations on the market, Cellpowa 2500 only requires an AC cable. You don’t have to worry about losing the adapter, even if the AC cable of Cellpowa 2500 is missing, you can easily buy a charging cable at a nearby store.

Cellpowa 2500 supports up to six Solarpowa 200 or three Solarpowa 400 for 1200W of charging, also allowing you to enjoy the convenience of Bullet-D charging technology even outdoors, when you need to power adventures without waiting for hours on end to have a reliable power source.


The Solarpowa 200 solar panel was specifically designed for the Cellpowa 2500 power station. It can reach up to 23% conversion rate that allows the Cellpowa 2500 to be charged to 80% capacity in 1.5 hours with 6 Solarpowa 200 and this special ETFE surface can reach to IP67 waterproof that protect it from occasional rain or wet Fog.


Of course, if you want a more powerful solar panel, you can also choose our Solarpowa 400 ETFE solar panel. Like the Solarpowa 200, it also uses the new BigBlue ETFE one piece lamination technology to achieve IP67 waterproof. Ultra-thin size and sturdy materials make it extremely portable and durable.



With Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm, Cellpowa 2500 can detect the maximum power of the solar panel in real time and store up to 98% of solar generation in batteries.


Cellpowa 2500 is designed one-third smaller than the similar competitor power stations to be super easy to carry. With a volume of only 284*274*325mm(15.1*10.89*12.8Inch). Not only that, this is a plug-and-play device with no installation required.

Weighing just a little over 25 kilos(55 lbs), its compact size and weight mean that this is an easy to carry device anywhere and anytime. Use it this morning in your kitchen, this afternoon in your garage, and tomorrow at your camping site in the mountains.


Whether it is your phone, tablet or computer, an electric oven, a heater, medical equipment, or any electronic device you may want to use for home backup, job site, or going outdoors, BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 has the stable and potent power source to keep them going.


What if you are writing a script on your computer, or watching the World Cup on TV when the power suddenly goes out? Cellpowa 2500’s UPS function keeps you away from such worries. Cellpowa 2500 can automatically detect the grid and power up your devices within 10ms. Simply connect your device to the Cellpowa 2500 and then connect the Cellpowa 2500 to the grid with an AC cable, then your device will still work normally even if the grid is lost.


The EV-Grade LFP battery used in BigBlue Cellpow 2500 is more durable than conventional lithium batteriesm, it is highly safe from fire, explosion or leakage, and it supports more than 3,500 lifecycles, after 3,500 full charge cycles, this unique power station will still retain 80% of its original capacity! Even after 7,500 cycles, it remains 50% of its original capacity. In other words, Cellpowa 2500 can be used frequently for up to 10 years.


You may be wondering: isn’t such a powerful and high-capacity device going to overheat quickly? Well, in the case of Cellpowa 2500, that won’t happen. This portable power station is equipped with four 4800RPM ultra-high speed fans forming dual air channels to ensure that it always maintains a safe temperature range when working.


What’s more, the BigBlue smart battery management system (BMS) will monitor the current, voltage, input, output of the battery to ensure safety and efficiency while increasing the battery life.


Along with featuring its user-friendly on-device controls, Cellpowa 2500 can also be controlled wirelessly through an app that gives you remote access to the power station’s recharging capabilities. If you’re at the office and need to have certain requirements met at home, where you have your Cellpowa 2500, simply use the APP to have your power station do what you need it to do for you.


Cellpowa 2500 supports all your off-grid adventures—or even emergency help. It’s GPS positioning function allows you to know exactly where you are, and you can use a walkie-talkie or car radio to report your location to someone nearby and ask for help.





When we deliver your BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 to your doorstep, you’ll get a package with your ready-to-use ultimate portable power station—just grab it and enjoy the convenience of using it from day one!