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Beeco: The Best Ecological Way to Compost Real Fertilizer

W/ exclusive microbial starters, this revolutionary indoor composter speeds up natural decay of food waste for a sustainable lifestyle

There are 300 billion pounds of food waste in North America each year. The global garbage problem is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen. Some food waste is simply unavoidable, but on a micro-level everyone can do their part to help the planet.

Beeco offers a revolutionary solution for reducing food waste on a small scale, but in a way that makes a big difference. Beeco decomposes 2.5kg of food waste at once, making it easy to compost food waste and organic materials like fruits, veggie peelings, and eggshells quickly and keep your kitchen sparkling clean all the time. Auto-composting makes using Beeco super simple, and the low energy consumption system perfectly simulates the way nature turns waste into usable, nutrient-rich soil, creating an optimal ecosphere in your home.


There are many indoor composters on the market, but do these composters really compost? Through our exhaustive investigation of these machines, we found that some disappointing defects do exist, such as those shown below:

These are mostly trivial problems like blade issues, small volume capacity, cleanliness, etc.

Negative comments of other electric composters stack up one after another.

How to do really composting? In nature, it takes food a whole lot longer than you might think to biodegrade! Most vegetables can range from 5 days to 1 month, an orange peel will take +6 months, and lettuce takes 25 years to decompose! Besides, just drying and grinding food waste without the assistance of biodegradation (like most machines do), doesn’t produce truly nutritious organic fertilizers. 

So Beeco has gone a step further, using exclusive microbial starters to accelerate the fermentation and decomposition. With Beeco, the same food can be degraded in just a few hours, 95%+ faster, fully meeting the daily needs of a family of 10.

Composting can be super easy by adding Beeco’s exclusive microbial starters.

When composting, microbial starters are the key element to speeding up the biodegradation process. They break down organic matter and produce carbon dioxide, water, and humus, rich with NPK, which is a relatively stable organic product.

Compost from Beeco is much better, as compared to the others.

Guaranteed test report about NPK proportion in our compost.

Most electric composters on the market deliver only food residue (not fully degraded without the assistance of good microbes) after a dehydrating and crushing process. Beeco, however, decomposes leftovers in approximately 8 hours, with the volume reduction rate reaching more than 90%

Unlike other machine-made, so-called “compost,” Beeco creates optimal soil enrichment material for better plant growth without any foul-smelling odors. The NPK level reaches 2.08% in Beeco’s compost, so you can replenish your plants with all the essential nutrients necessary to accelerate plant growth and increase yield. 

Amazing growth with the help of Beeco’s compost!

Superior to others, Beeco produces rich-in-NPK fertilizer that makes plants grow more vigorously. Different plants have different needs. Flowers, for example, need more phosphorus, so you can try to make specialty fertilizers with different NPK proportions by using diverse leftovers. Conduct some funny experiments in your backyard, and customize your own fertilizer with Beeco.

Composting with Beeco is easy and fun. With just three simple steps, you can effortlessly turn kitchen waste into nourishing compost that will keep your plants happy and thriving!

Rotating roller blades further accelerate the motion of microbial starters.

7L● Large enough for 10 people with daily, uninterrupted use

Beeco’s 7L compost bucket can easily process food waste for up to 10 people in a single day. The real advantage of this indoor composter is how simple it is to turn the compost pile; Just close the touchless door and then compost automatically. With its sturdy aluminum alloy body, Beeco makes quick work of full loads of food waste, turning it into 100% real fertilizer. Additionally, the compost can be stored to use for months, thanks to its superior microbial starters.

Looking for a totally efficient indoor composter but scared off by the high electricity bill? Beeco’s brilliant team has worked hard to build a product with lower power consumption than similar products. With Beeco, the maximum electricity consumption is only 1.5kwh per day(equivalent to the power consumption of a refrigerator in a day). With Beeco, everybody can contribute to environmental sustainability and leave the next generation a cleaner and healthier planet. 

Super easy to clean.

With Beeco, there’s no need to clean up a big mess after each use. Simply clean the internal space after replacing the microbial starters every 6 months (to prevent the compost from caking), and voilà! You’re done!

Clicking the pack button, it will pack the fertilizer automatically and give you the ready-to-use organic goodies.

When the decomposition of kitchen waste is complete, Beeco automatically enters sleep mode. Simply press the “pack” button, and Beeco will unload the compost for you. Once it’s ready, just open the cover and the organic fertilizer is ready to use! It’s recommended that you pack the organic manure every two weeks, then the compost can be stored for at least 12 months.

Fully automatic touchless maneuvering achieves ultra cleanliness and hygiene.

Beeco’s cover is motion-sensor operated. A simple wave of your hand opens the cover automatically, allowing you to dump the food waste in the composter.

Create an odorless atmosphere in any kitchen with 3-layer processing system

Using Beeco means noxious smells and odors are non-existent! With its pioneering, built-in “LED UV + Nano Photocatalysts+ Activated-Charcoal” system, Beeco eliminates all the moisture and unpleasant odors during the composting process. No more explaining repulsive odors to guests; just enjoy the peace of mind from knowing food waste is composted in a completely odorless way.

Beeco performs its magic without ever sacrificing important safety issues. Unique and comprehensive safety protections such as thermal protection, high-temperature disinfection, child & pet protection, and more, provide peace of mind that Beeco is safe for you and your kitchen. Beeco: intelligent, energy-efficient, ultra-safe, and silent.

Beeco is capable of handling nearly all kitchen food waste and operates quietly, under 47dB, while reducing the weight by 90% or more. Vegetables, meats, eggshells, dairy products, you name it! Beeco can even compost the bones! (less than 2 cm in diameter and 4 cm in length). Hygienic, odor-free, and easy to recycle and return organic matter to the earth with Beeco – a smarter, money-saving solution.

Control and recycle food waste with Beeco’s patented auto-pack & weight function with just a tap of your finger. The Beeco app also monitors composting time, fertilizer usage, and carbon emission reduction targets. It even incorporates a shared community of composters, letting you view different posts of environmentalists who also use the Beeco composter nearby! The international version will be unlocked when we sell 1000 units. Let’s do it together!

Reliable professional team with strong biological and technical background

Our senior team brings an extensive biological and technical background as leaders in the respective industries. They have been dedicated to environmental engineering for years, and have conducted more than one thousand compost tests, as well as countless hours of design and prototyping. Beeco isn’t just beautifully designed, it is the world’s best home composter for improving the most severe food waste problems that we all collectively face.