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BALANCE : Convertible Bag Evolves to Keep You Moving Forward

Boost Your Productivity with Multipurpose Every Day Bag + Visual System to Organize Your Active Life: Label The Pockets… Label Me Not

Move forward from BOARDROOM to BOARDWALK with MOOV®

A Balance of Work & Life | Style & Function:

We move from business meetings to casual settings, to the gym, and even to an outing with a baby all in the same day! Having a bag that evolves through situations enables us to push the limit and positively simplifies our day. The bags are agile and quickly transform into several styles: from Handbag to Backpack to Shoulder bag or Messenger bag whichever is best for you.



Perfect Gift for your special one!

Vegan Leather Comes in three colors – fire red, ivory, and chestnut

Italian Printed Genuine Leather is in the Lava Orange color. – We only release 50 bags in this color. Only a few people in the whole world are lucky enough to have one.

MOOV® versatile bags are evolving to simplify our dynamic lifestyle: for work, play, gym, travel, and parenting.



Your bag is part of the impression you leave with others, keeping the bag tidy and orderly is one quick and effective way to present yourself as organized and on-point. Stay organized easily and effortlessly with the BALANCE.



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The top-notch craftsmanship shines and presents itself in the video. We are confident in BALANCE’s Made-In-U.S.A. quality.  Plus, we are proud to reshore the production and support our local economy.


Our previous project was featured in:


See-through pockets to easily see all the items in the bag at a glance and to provide quick access to all essentials.


The various sized pockets are made with transparent mesh to optimize storage and organization.  Label the pockets if you want to remind yourself of the essentials you must have. Or, just leave it blank if you prefer.



If you see a ✔, good, your item is there! If you see an , better start looking for it!

Free your hands and Move Freely with the building buckles and MOOV strap system.

We strategically placed the bottle holders inside the bag to keep the sleek look. Your bottle is held upright in its place, no laying around in the bag.

The holders are adjustable to fit the size of your cups or bottles.


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  • Workation
  • WorK
  • Everyday
  • Travel
  • Overnight Stay
  • Business Trip
  • Parenting
  • College

The BALANCE might be compact but can fit up to 18 liters. It can expand to fit larger items.

The pockets are vertically arranged to declutter the bottom of the bag. No more digging around for whatever you are looking for.


The Modular Designed BALANCE bags have an infinite number of ways you can customize the bag to fit your lifestyle. With removable/additional accessories, this bag can accommodate your day-to-day life.

Three accessories were created to facilitate your everyday needs. They can be bought with or separately from the BALANCE bags. Each of them is a modular design that could be used by itself or used with the MOOV BALANCE bag.

Accessories to add-on to the Balance include:

  • Makeup Pouch
  • Gym bag
  • Baby Changing Pad


No scratch from Velcro!

We carefully designed the flaps to enclose the Velcro keeping it from scratching your skin or snagging the fabric. However, it is easy to open the flaps when needed to attach the Gym Bag to the BALANCE bag.

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Cute Makeup Pouch – This clear pouch allows you to see exactly what you have and conveniently grab it when you need it. It is also the perfect size for your passport.

Velcro it onto the BALANCE for a convenient addition. Or, simply pull it off when you need a touch-up during the day.

 When being used by itself or attached to the BALANCE, no Velcro is exposed to scratch your skin or snag the fabric.

Silver Grey Gym Bag – To keep your gym shoes, changing cloth, or damp cloth in its place – apart from the rest of your stuff. The Gym Bag can be attached to the BALANCE bag with Velcro.  Easy to remove to wash or carry by itself.


For parents on the go, this grey changing pad is a compact size when packed yet an extra-large size when open out to use.

The pad can be attached to the BALANCE bag with Velcro. Easy to remove it to wash or carry by itself.


The Balance has a luggage strap discreetly on the back to easily attach to your carry-on or luggage when traveling. It is sized to easily fit under the plane seat and still gives quick access to your essentials during the flight.


The front zippers maximize access to easily pack, reach items rummage-free, and be quickly inspected (by TSA).  


Light Weight – so there’s almost no additional weight of the bag to carry around.


For parents on the go, you are equipped with baby bottle holders. You can also add the MOOV Changing Pad (add-on) to complete the baby-ready task. When the baby needs changing, just convert your Balance Bag to the Changing Station. Quick and easy way to give your little angel a sanitary place to lay down for a quick change. 


YKK zippers and zipper pulls

Duraflex hardware is lightweight, durable, and sleek look.