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AZIO Cascade – A Customizable 75% Mechanical Keyboard

Compact 75% | Standard & Slim Profile | Hot-Swappable | Dual Sound Dampers | Backlit RGB | Wireless & Wired | For Mac & PC

The Cascade is the all-solution compact mechanical keyboard that allows users to customize both feel and aesthetics. Built with a unique trapezoid form that adds a sleek modern design and stability.


Customize your typing experience with hot-swappable switches, interchangeable top plates, and many keycap theme options. With many more customization options coming soon, the Cascade has endless possibilities and evolves with you.


No one-size-fits all. The Cascade keyboard comes in a standard and slim low-profile body, perfect for those that enjoy a portable keyboard or prefer a lower height for comfortable wrists.

The Slim model comes in an ultra-slim form, while still providing an impeccable and consistent typing experience.


The aluminum top plates are interchangeable to customize the base of your keyboard. Choose from a Space Gray or Bronze body for your build, with additional colors in the works.


Choose from 3 adjustable feet positions for optimal comfort. The Cascade Keyboard offers a 4°, 6°, or 9° tilt to provide long-lasting, ergonomic typing and gaming support.


The Cascade’s compact 75% layout neatly minimizes space, while retaining all the essential function keys. We chose the popular 75% layout that emphasizes a mix of form and function for a compact, minimalistic setup. It includes an entire function row, dedicated arrow keys, and a column of navigation keys like the Home key, which are lacking on 60% keyboards.


With a total of 4 different variations to start with, the Cascade presents more customization options for you. The Cascade & Cascade Slim come in 2 base keycap themes: Forest & Galaxy. 

Forest theme is the base set exclusive to Cascade Slim and you can select from the 2 available Dark & Light Slim keycaps for your base. Galaxy theme is the set exclusive to Cascade and you can select from the 2 available Dark & Light OEM keycaps for your base made with laser-etched font for a backlit effect.

Want to stand out? Upgrade your keyboard with our add-on designer keycaps. We offer 4 additional keycap themed sets. Choose from Coffee, Neon Flux, Shiba, & Retro Arcade—with many more to come. All standard model designer keycaps are made with PBT so your font will never fade and stay true to color.

 *The Designer Keycaps will not have a backlit font effect & prototype of designer keycaps are shown / final design to be announced.

Our slim model designer keycaps come with the option of Light & Dark version layout keys made of ABS with UV-printed font.

Want more? You can grab an exclusive Artisan ESC Keycap made of CNC Aluminum Alloy, one of each designer theme is available as an add-on.


The Cascade is compatible with any MX Switch and Cascade Slim with any Gateron Low-Profile Switch—so you can customize the sound and feel of your typing experience.


Start off your keyboard build with our selection of Gateron switches, featuring the Gateron G Pro switches optimized for a precise and smooth typing experience. Whether you have a preference for clicky, linear, or tactile keys, we’ve got you covered. If you prefer other switches, you can always DIY it and swap it out anytime.


Start off your Cascade Slim Keyboard with our selection of Low-Profile Gateron switches for your build. The Low-Profile Gateron switches have a smaller travel distance, allowing for lightning speed typing and with options for quiet or clicky feedback to your preference.

*The Cascade Slim is only compatible with Low-Profile Gateron Switches.


For those that dislike the hassle of applying lube to every switch, we offer pre-lubed switches. Each switch is lubed for a smoother typing experience, excluding blue switches that are non-lubed to maintain a clicky effect.


Our Standard height Cascade keyboard includes screw-in stabilizers that allow for a more secure attachment of your PCB board and less vibrations.


The Cascade and Cascade Slim are equipped with a built-in dual layer of silicone and EVA foam dampers for enhanced acoustics, and reduced vibration & rattle.

 project video thumbnail

Hear the difference between the Cascade Keyboard with dual sound dampers & pre-lubed switches and a standard keyboard with no sound dampers & non-lubed switches.

For ultimate versatility, the Cascade keyboards are fully compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, with dedicated keycaps for both macOS & Windows layout.

With the flip of a switch, shift between Mac & PC mode or Bluetooth & USB mode connection in a flash.


Easily pair the Cascade keyboard with your computer with a strong Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Toggle between up to 3 Bluetooth devices at a time to seamlessly switch between your PC, tablet and phone.


The Cascade is equipped with a 4000 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the Cascade Slim is equipped with a 2000 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, so you can take the keyboard with you wherever you go and work on the fly.

*Battery Life depends on usage of Backlight & Bluetooth.


Both keyboard models are equipped with a 5 ft braided USB Type-C charging cable, included in the box. Connect the Type-C cable from your device to your keyboard if you prefer a wired connection.