arpara™: World’s First 5K Micro-OLED All-in-One VR Headset

Micro-OLED Display | 3514 PPI | 32 PPD | 5120*2560 Resolution Combined | DCI-P3 90% | Qualcomm XR2 | arparaland Virtual Social Platform

What if there was a way to step into a world of future technologies right now? Virtual Reality technology has come a long way, however, there are still many obstacles to conventional VR headsets including low-end resolution, bulky design, limited usage scenarios, and more. arpara™ is looking forward to bringing more people to immerse themselves into the world of VR, providing our VR enthusiasts and professionalists with exceptional cinematic quality with high-end resolution, featherweight, and flexible usage scenarios With arpara™, the future is closer than you think. Get ready to lose yourself in unbeatable visual entertainment as well as an unprecedented gaming experience.

Imagine yourself exploring a stunning new metaverse with Wade Watts in Ready Player One. Featuring Micro-OLED displays and Qualcomm XR2 processor, arpara™ is designed for the immersive experiences of new worlds, such as building a personal paradise in Minecraft or venturing about with friends in LOL. For adventures closer to home, arpara™ also introduces you to a stunning new way to enjoy your favorite movies with cinematic quality anywhere you choose. Movies come alive right before your eyes. You will feel like part of the action as you trade punches with Sly Stallone or fall in love with your favorite anime character.

Come and meet the Next-Gen 5K Micro-OLED VR Headset. This is arpara™… this is the future.

 Friends, come and check out the unboxing video from MRTV – Mixed Reality TV and enjoy the breathtaking images with arpara™!

By adopting the latest Micro-OLED displays, arpara™ proudly brings you the most detailed and smooth visual performance of any headset on the global market. Combining dual 1.03-inch 2560*2560-pixel displays, arpara™ produces images with 5 to 6 times more detail than a traditional VR headset. If you are looking for a winner, this is the headset for you.

arpara™ achieves perfect harmony between FOV, PPI, and PPD which delivers an unprecedented visual experience that exponentially surpasses conventional LCD and AMOLED VR headsets. Compared to AMOLED, the high aperture ratio of Micro-OLED displays effectively removes the screen door effect while providing breathtakingly exquisite pictures in stunning detail. Prepare to be transported to an alternate universe of joy and surprise.

  •  Video Footage Credits to ミスターVR – ShowVRChannel 

arpara™, featuring a Micro-OLED display, which creates a perfect saturated black with a high-end resolution, showcases the incredible color contrast in the really dark scene that other headsets without Micro-OLEDs Screen can not do!

  •  arpara™ pancake optical design

arpara™ uses pancake optical design solution, through the superposition of several optical lenses per eye, so that the light path can achieve ultra-short distance multiple fold-back amplification, and arpara™ can achieve 95 degrees of light path amplification in such a small size, to achieve a compact structure of large viewing angle.

  • arpara™’s FOV V.S Oculus Quest 2 FOV  

With wider FoV of arpara™, you will be getting an immersive, life-like experience of VR gaming


 *The FOV is also related to the distance of the human eye from the lens. The FOV is 95° at a pupil distance of about 8mm and 90° at a pupil distance of 12mm.

  •  The comparison video was shot by our beta users with his phone. We have been authorized to publish the video.

* “源视频” means source video, and  “单眼” means resolution per eye.

 project video thumbnail

Every gesture of love should be cherished. Every detail of a mountain view deserves to be captured. arpara™ makes every scene come alive with color via its 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a gorgeous 90% DCI-P color gamut – equivalent to 127% sRGB. No matter if you’re maneuvering your way in PCVR games or enjoying your beloved documentaries, arpara™ brings you breathtaking high-contrast, gorgeous saturated images and stunning details. Cherish every vivid moment with arpara™ now! 

Building on the success of previous research and experiments, arpara™ proudly features a boosted 1 μs response time. Adding a blazing fast 90Hz Refresh Rate, arpara™ All-In-One VR headset totally eliminates ghosting effects and greatly reduces overall system latency. These powerful improvements take your gaming experience to a brand new level. arpara™ is the perfect companion for your VR gaming. 

 *Picture Credits to Mech Warrior5

The design of arpara™ is an elegant integration of technology where power and beauty perfectly coexist. The All-In-One version includes rear battery placement for comfort and hassle-free connection to other devices. Behind the modern and aesthetic design, arpara™ AIO employs a unique 15° upward sloping head strap, offering superior comfort over the traditional triangular strapping mechanism. 

arpara™ All-In-One VR Headset is celebrated for its compact size and is designed for long gaming and movie sessions. Insisting on better ergonomics and daring enough to challenge the norm, arpara™ offers minimal distraction and maximum wearability, with a weight of only 380g – the lightest in its class. No more bulky gear, you are free to dive into the VR world with the greatest of ease.

For the arpara™ Tethered VR Headset version, weight is less still – only 200g. This lightweight superstar is super comfy to wear and superior to other VR headsets for gaming. 

In order to provide you with a cozy wearing experience for long sessions of entertaining, we ‘ve designed a bigger mask which may come with even force on the face. Along with being breathable, lightweight, and super soft on your skin, the extra mask you can pledge as an add-on comes in a bigger size, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an option that fits you comfortably. 

Want to enjoy arpara™ but you wear eyeglasses? No problem. arpara™ is specially designed to meet the needs of myopia and hyperopia. Both versions are equipped with a finely adjustable 1D ~ -5D diopter and 56mm – 72mm interpupillary distance, so you can set up your own personal specs effortlessly. arpara™ allows you to focus on what’s in front of you rather than what’s bothering you. In this case, arpara™ is by all means suitable for each and every one of you.

The arpara™ 5K Micro-OLED VR Headset is available in two versions – Tethered or All-In-One. Both feature the same powerful display hardware with slightly different feature sets.

Choose the lightweight tethered version for seamless connection to mobile phones, laptops and PC with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, or choose the versatility of the All-In-One with built-in battery and inside-out head and hand tracking for unbeatable gaming. 

arpara™ headsets tackle tracking in two ways. For the All-In-One VR headset, with four dedicated cameras and a self-developed accurate 6DOF optical tracking positioning algorithm, arpara™ all-in-one VR Headset not only brings millimeter-level positioning experience, low latency and more accurate and stable spatial positioning but also has a large spatial range of 10m*10m.

The Tethered headset version is compatible with common Steam VR positioning devices on the market, such as Base Stations and Controllers of HTC VIVE 1.0 / 2.0, and Valve Index, all you need is another arpara™  tracker paired with Tethered to upgrade your VR experience to another 6 DoF level. 

Now is the time to dream big and embrace the feeling of freedom and wonder with arpara™. Come and join this adventure with us!

arpara™ All-In-One VR Headset has evolved over time in terms of hardware and system. Come and check out the current work in progress in software systems, including launcher, safe area setup, browser, streaming and see-through function. The Team is optimizing both hardware and software. We will keep backers updated. 

    • Streaming
    •  Safety Boundaries Setting & Streaming Video 

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    • Safe Area Set-up & See-Through

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    • Switching scenes

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    • App Store
    • Browser
    •  Trial Production is ongoing.

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    Equipped with the Qualcomm XR2 processor with 11 times more AI processing power than previous Qualcomm XR platform, arpara™ All-In-One VR headset is capable of driving 4 concurrent cameras and decoding 8K videos, providing lower latency and better gaming performance. This incredible headset also packs a 6500mAh high-capacity battery and supports Wi-Fi 6. You’ll be lost in 3A gaming the minute that you put it on. Designed to inspire, arpara™ is unlike any VR headset you’ve ever experienced before.

    arpara™ goes well beyond maximum gaming experiences. arpara™ Tethered can be connected with a mobile phone/laptop/PC. Playing 3A games with more accurate tracking and low latency while being surrounded by a gigantic virtual screen with crystal clear images, completely immerses you in stunning graphics and exceptional sound. Your games become more than something you simply watch on a screen, they are elevated to a life-like experience with you at the center of it all.  

    Fully compatible with SteamVR via wired/wireless streaming with laptop or PC, countless mind-blowing VR games are at your command. On top of that, there are games included in the arpara™ All-In-One’s built-in OS, so that you can also enjoy gaming without a PC. Team arpara™ has combined creativity and technology into the ultimate portal to the futuristic world of VR entertainment. A new world of premium entertainment is served up for you.  

      *After unlocking, the resolution selection function of arpara tethered devices has 120hz refresh rate for 1920*1080 resolution and 3840*1080 120hz options.

    *The current unit for review is a prototype, once we start MP, we will show you lighter actual weight directly.

    • Deep Gaming Kit I

    The kit includes arpara™ Tethered Basic, arpara™ Tracker (lighthouse module), arpara™ DP 1.4 Cable and DP 1.4 Cable Clip. The Tracker weighs around 75g. The Kit achieves VR performance of 5K 70Hz. arpara™ Tracker is compatible with common Steam VR positioning devices on the market, such as Base Stations and Controllers of HTC VIVE 1.0 / 2.0, and Valve Index.

    What’s beyond words is the unbelievably stunning dual-channel stereo directional audio of arpara™. You don’t even need to use your earphones, whenever you use arpara™, you’ll enjoy superior sound for gaming, movies, or exploring the metaverse.

    Imagination is just one step away. It’s time to redefine your social network experience. Embrace a brand new world with arparaland, a new immersive social platform for interacting, connecting, and making friends online. arpara™ is here to help you find your true inner self and be the real you in the parallel universe known as arparaland.


    arparaland is a virtual social platform where you can shape your own virtual world as you want, customize your virtual characters, engage in recreation activities and business collaborations. Ownership of digital assets in arparaland is recorded on regulated blockchains and stored digitally forever. Rare digital assets can be minted as NFTs for auctions.

    arparaland aims to become a vibrant virtual ecosystem where anyone can create anything they want and fulfill the true desires that they choose in this alternative universe. In arparaland, anyone can shape objects, environments, his own avatar and more. You’ll be stunned when you take the first step into the wonderful world of arparaland.

    • arpara™ 5K Tethered VR Headset

     *The Elite hard strap will be given out to our beloved backers for free as one of the coming stretch goal rewards.


    • arpara™ 5K All-In-One VR Headset