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Angry Miao CYBERBLADE – 36ms Low Latency Earbuds with DSP

First Desktop-Level TWS | Independent DSP | 3-Chip Computational Audio | Low Latency + Refined Sound | RGB Futuristic Triangular Design



The industry-leading triple-SoC technology brings ultra-powerful audio algorithms, all while achieving ultra-low latency and impeccable sound quality.

The design was inspired by the hit video game Horizon Zero Dawn. Aside from its striking shape and colors, CYBERBLADE also includes unique lighting effects. When it comes to details, we aim to bring the imagination of sci-fi games to the real world.

Created hand-in-hand with our global community – it is our most exciting product yet. This is how we turned over-ear 2.4G headphones with independent DSP into true wireless earbuds.



Products with futuristic tech simply work better when combined with a futuristic design.

Therefore, CYBERBLADE takes its inspiration from Focus out of the sci-fi game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Getting the triangular shape of the earbuds right was very challenging, both structurally and technically.

However, we overcame all difficulties and brought this unique shape into the real world.

Striking yet elegant RGB lighting integrated into the charging case and dock provides you with a strong foundation to express your own personality.

We were even able to accommodate a large and uniform RGB lighting strip on the earbuds, something rarely seen on small products.

 Rocking with CYBERBLADE. Express yourself.


Due to the limited battery power of earbuds, current TWS products aren’t really able to take advantage of the audio industry’s most advanced algorithms.*

We’re about to change that with a third chip in the charging case. Additional battery capacity allows the powerful audio processing chip to finally unleash its full power.

Welcome to a new era of computational audio.

*Through the contemporaneous use of HRTF-based virtual 7.1 algorithms, studio-level EQ and AGC algorithms, as well as Hybrid ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), Al ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation), and Transparency Mode, we created a compelling package of audio effects in line with what users need. These include high-quality low latency and 3D spatial audio (in the form of Movie Booster), in addition to other audio enhancers. We named this innovative audio solution suite: Angry Miao ASE (Active Sound Enhancement).


Time to stop compromising. Sound quality doesn’t need to be sacrificed for lower latency.

With the help of the third chip and advanced algorithms optimized by Angry Miao, CYBERBLADE is able to achieve up to 36ms ultra-low latency③ without sacrificing sound quality.

Curved unidirectional antenna built-in. And the Bluetooth 5.2 standard is also supported.

CYBERBLADE can be regarded as the TWS version of over-ear headsets with independent DSP and 2.4G transmission protocol, but the advantages of CYBERBLADE do not stop there.


With the third SoC in the charging case alongside advanced audio algorithms, CYBERBLADE enhances your listening experience in the three most used scenarios.④


Enhance your spatial awareness of footsteps and gunshots at 36ms ultra-low latency. Best used in fast-paced competitive games.


Virtual 7.1 based on HRTF technology brings 3D surround sound with improved spatial layering. You can enjoy a more immersive experience while watching movies or playing AAA games with iconic sound effects.


Studio-level EQ, DRC, and AGC algorithms for outstanding music performance. Fine-tuned by industry experts.


We are thrilled to collaborate with the acclaimed hip-hop musician Rich Brian, to further explore the possibilities of Booster.  Together we are co-creating a new dedicated Booster for hip-hop fans.


Cannot find good wireless earbuds for your PS4 or PS5? CYBERBLADE can transform a device with USB digital audio output into a brand-new device with support for wireless earbuds. Perfectly in harmony with your console.

No hassles. No need for pairing. No need for Bluetooth. Just a wired connection to the charging case or the dock. And advanced algorithms take sound quality to the next level.


Pick up calls while gaming. With less frustration. Switch to Bluetooth and start a voice call on your phone with just a double click.

Adjust the volume with the rotating knob. Easy enabling and disabling of the microphone with one click⑥. To get the most out of your in-game conversations, remember to enable voice enhancement from your voice chat software.


Rich bass. Solid mids. Clear highs. Rohacell material for a lighter and more rigid driver. The ideal combination of low-frequency and mid-high frequency diaphragms.

Superior consistency. Advanced tri-band dynamics. All are backed up by a dynamically adjusting algorithm.


Fits like a glove. 6.5g per earbud. 7 different sizes/materials of eartips. You might as well forget that you’re wearing them. And IPX4 water resistance⑦ is there for when you need it.


Fully immerse yourself. Six microphones with a high signal-to-noise ratio ready to detect excess noise. Filters out over 35dB⑨.

Advanced algorithms for more application scenarios. Transparency mode for when you need to know what’s happening around you.

Check out the following noise cancellation test by @LIKEMUSIC:


Dual-Mic AI ENC technology ensures outstanding call quality in noisy environments. Your voice is clear and easy to hear.


Fully satisfy your daily dose of gaming and music enjoyment. Get 6 hours of listening time with ANC and RGB lighting enabled in Bluetooth mode. 24 hours when combined with the charging case.

In ASE wired mode, you’ll get 4 hours of listening time and 16 hours when combined with the charging case⑩.


Make CYBERBLADE your own with the dedicated Angry Miao app. Enjoy a wide variety of functions such as checking the battery level, switching between noise cancellation and transparency mode, and creating your own personalized RGB lighting presets.