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Amika—World’s Most Advanced Portable 5W Laser Engraver

From metal, leather, wood, and plastic to pastries and baked goods, you can engrave almost any surface with ease.

Foldable, portable, and easy to use, Amika was designed to bring you a high-quality handheld laser engraving experience at a more affordable price. Through a careful design process and multiple test rounds, we’ve optimized this fantastic piece of technology for both personal and professional projects.

With its 5-Watt laser engraving and cutting power, Amika can make incisions in craft materials and food surfaces, and be operated anywhere, anytime. Use it indoors at home or in the office, or take it outdoors for a relaxing carving session.

 Economical in both cost and design, not a single millimeter of an Amika is wasted. We’ve packed all the power and functionality of our top competitors into an effective, compact device with intuitive controls and features. Right out of the box, your Amika is ready to quickly transfer your designs to metal, leather, wood, plastic, cardboard, paper, fruit, and more using 5W engraving power.

Beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike will enjoy its plug-and-play feature.

Get a higher degree of rotation and cylinder engraving support with Amika’s fourth-axis rotation functionality, and an engraving area of 120 mm * 120 mm. Create intricate designs on bottles and tubes without pausing the engraving process to adjust.

Each Amika engraver is fitted with a Galvo system that is far superior to other lasers. Galvo’s high processing speed gets jobs done quickly and it is preferred by companies that have incorporated engraving in their production lines.

At its maximum speed, your Amika can create engravings at a rate of 850mm covered per minute. While the total time will depend on factors like pattern size, depth, and power level, you’ll find that it outperforms other lasers in its class.

The quality of your laser’s focus will determine the quality of the final engraving. Amika has an auto-adjust feature that raises or lowers the stand to ensure the target surface is in full focus. If it isn’t, the built-in sensor will immediately adjust the focal length based on the distance between the laser head and the object to be engraved until the engraving can be precise.

When folded, the Amika’s top dimensions are smaller than an A4-sized piece of paper. Not only is it easier to carry around so you can work on your projects anywhere, anytime, it also takes up minimal space when stored.

Amika doesn’t restrict you from holding your laser at a certain angle to get the results you want. In addition to Galvo lasers, we’ve used facula condensation technology to produce a more compact laser head that can be moved along with the shield. No matter which way you feel comfortable operating your laser, your engravings will be perfect.

Still using adaptors to power your laser? Get rid of those old fashion ones. Amika Pro can be powered by your power banks! You can literally take it anywhere, even without power sockets nearby. This is the ultimate convenience Amika Pro can provide!

Support conventional power charger power-on engraving, Amika adapts to 25W power charger. It is more convenient to carry and engraving.


Amika was designed with our users’ safety in mind. Each 5W engraver includes a protective shield and exhaust system to ensure proper ventilation and remove CO2.

You can do much more than engraving. Amika’s laser cutter can cut the wood, cardboard, Acrylic, and leather under 1mm thick to help you create one-of-a-kind projects.

At only 1160 grams, Amika’s foldable, compact design was made for easy carry.

Connect with the Amika app and control your device via Bluetooth on any system that supports Android or IOS. When uploading images, compatible formats include JPEG/JPG/PNG/BMP and Gcode.

Need to engrave multiple items at once? Amika has a positioning module that enables accurate batch engraving for hobbyists and small scale entrepreneurs.

You don’t have to rely entirely on the Amika engraver’s ventilation features. Attach an exhaust pipe to route excess CO2 through windows and into other spaces away from your work area.