AlphaESS BlackBee 2000 Most Reliable&Efficient Power Station

2203Wh Capacity|1600W High Power Output|95% Inverter Efficiency&DOD|35% Faster Solar Charging|15 Outputs


Electrical power is the lifeblood of the modern world. When it fails, goes down, runs out, everyday living is severely challenged. No one can afford a loss of power. Meet AlphaESS! With an unrivaled 2203Wh capacity and AC 1600W output, 2040W output in total, it’s a market leader and a force to be reckoned with. This portable power station adopts an automotive-grade battery pack with inverter efficiency and DOD up to 95%. It adopts an advanced BMS system, which is safe and reliable. It supports a variety of fast charging methods, comes with a real-time LCD display and is easy to operate. It’s ideal for fast charging any large or small powered devices – from phones to fridges. Never worry about power interruptions, overloads or hard to reach outlets again!

AlphaESS is the worldwide leader in the field of residential and commercial energy storage solutions. With expertise that can be applied to any size project, we are able to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

AlphaESS has over 10 subsidiaries and 75,000+ systems providing local services in over 83 countries, providing millions of people with reliable, accessible, and clean energy.

VDA: Verband Der Automobilindustrie E.V. (German Automobile Industry Association)

The ternary lithium battery delivers perfect consistency for reliable safety.

Unmatched battery brings you unstoppable power.

Note:$1499*15%=$225. It is calculated based on the conditions that the price of competitors and BlackBee 2000 are $1499 and other factors like capacity, lifecycle are the same except DOD.

*During the whole lifetime, BlackBee 2000 powers a refrigerator and an electric saw longer or charges an iPhone 13 more times than competitors.

*The data comes with an estimated number based on our lab tests. The actual usage will vary depending on the environment conditions.


The BlackBee 2000 battery is a high-performance, ternary lithium ion battery with VDA standards and features a long lifespan. This makes it ideal for industrial applications where consistency is key to efficiency. It’s also protected by an aluminum alloy shell which meets IP67 requirements (waterproof). The BlackBee 2000 produces more power with the same capacity as any similar product on the market, making it a premium choice for all types of applications.

With an automotive-grade security backup BMS with an ASIL classifications of ISO26262 standard, you can feel confident knowing that your life and property is protected.

Advanced BMS provides an extended battery life and longevity.

BlackBee 2000’s battery is extremely safe and reliable. Over a dozen international certificates ensure a long-lasting battery that you can always rely on.

With two CPUs working together, the BlackBee 2000 BMS provides safety in numbers. If one CPU fails, a second CPU takes over and provides necessary control signals – without any interruptions or malfunctions – so you’re never left unprotected. The battery management system (BMS) offers a full suite of safety features designed to reliably protect you and your property, such as under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, and more.

Improved efficiency of the inverter reduces energy consumption and provides time and money savings.

No more bulky adapters and clunky cables! BlackBee 2000 can be recharged directly from the wall outlet. All it takes is one simple cable that fits in any outlet.

The BlackBee 2000 battery, with VDA standard, aluminum alloy shell shielding and the overall effect of various components on our module help us achieve efficiency up to 95%. This means you will get more energy savings for your money, and a greater cost benefit!

Fast recharge BlackBee 2000 in flexible ways.

Charge BlackBee 2000 from a AC wall socket or a solar panel.

Cutting-edge dual-MPPT controller guarantees 35% faster recharging speed than others.

BlackBee 2000 can detect the maximum power of the solar panel in real time more efficiently than others.

BlackBee 2000 can be recharged by either AC or solar panels separately or both. It has two built-in MPPT controllers. Under identical weather conditions, BlackBee 2000 delivers 35%+ faster outdoor charging than other similar products using the same solar panel.

Main switch and function swithes(AC & DC) can be operated independently.

The BlackBee 2000 display provides information about your battery and power consumption in an easy-to-read format. Its display provides input and output power data simultaneously and automatically calculates and shows the Recharging & Discharging Time Remaining. Both the main switch and function switch are set on the product. You can switch AC and DC independently to reduce your home’s electricity consumption, and each output area has a corresponding indicator to intuitively understand its output status.

Power all your home appliances with ease.

Drive your energy hungry appliances effortlessly.

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Charge your loudspeaker with zero electromagnetic interference, transmitting sound without hindering audio quality.

With 15 output ports, BlackBee 2000 allows you to power up to 15 devices simultaneously.

The BlackBee 2000 Home Power Station is an all-in-one power source. With 15 output ports totally, this device will keep your entire home charged up! Its standard wall outlet compatibility ensures that this device will perfectly work no matter where you are, while also being able to power up to 15 devices simultaneously, so you’ll never have to worry about being left without power. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, this all-inclusive power station will keep all your devices charged and ready to go.

The BlackBee 1000 is an alternative portable power station built for home and outdoor activities. It comes with 1240W, 1036Wh, and is fast solar chargeable. As a bonus, BlackBee 1000 features LED lighting with three brightness plus SOS mode.Harness reliable power for indoor and outdoor activities like camping, off-grid living and more.