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All Wei 2000 Pro Portable Power Staion for Power Backup

Compact & Lightweight | 2264W Capacity | 13 Output Ports | | Safe & Steady | Led Indicator

Natural disasters and power outages go hand in glove, the moment you encounter a sudden lack of electricity, your world is turned upside down as all sorts of devices stop working – from refrigerators to medical monitors! You can’t always predict the unpredictable, but you can prepare for it. 

With AllWEI power station 2000 pro, you can always keep an available and safe source of electricity flowing freely. It’s perfect for powering 13 devices at once without sacrificing eco-friendly features like quietness or convenience!

It provides 2264Wh and 2200W Max of stable, sufficient energy. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or using electricity at home, it can power all your appliances or device at any time, and even more importantly: it doesn’t have any fussy operating requirements.

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, it will be your perfect power station sidekick when you’re camping, It’s the smartest and most convenient way to keep all your electronic essentials working when you need them if you’re in the wild and just wanting to keep these minimum essentials working and ready to be used.

No matter what the original intent of our design was, safety is what we care about most. Therefore, we chose safer and more batteries. Our power station adopts pouch cells and automotive batteries, which have a high energy density, lightweight and high safety factors.

It’s also equipped with the BMS safety management system. This system protects the battery from operating outside its safe operating parameters by constantly monitoring its condition, calculating secondary data, reporting the data, and controlling the battery’s environment.

With a Built-in MPPT solar charging controller, up to 99% conversion efficiency, and each MTTP charging circuit supports two solar panels to be used in series and can support up to four solar panels to charge the power supply at the same time, realizing fast and intelligent charging 

When the power is out, or when a natural disaster or other emergency occurs, you can use it for any urgent need at home, whether it is to keep your lights on, a vital medical device that someone in your family can’t live without working even if there’s no power, or to charge anything, really.

Looking for a way to keep all your devices charged while being able to power up to 13 devices at the same time? Look no further than All Wei. It will be perfect for any party or event and will keep all your devices powered up and ready to go. All Wei provides solutions for anyone who wants to be able to charge all their devices at once without having to worry about running out of power.

Without a cluttered or complicated interface, the LCD Screen shows only the most important data in real-time: battery capacity, remaining usage time, and AC output power. You always have the idea of the current situation for your power station.

The built-in LED light will make dark moments brighter than ever before, ensuring that you never have to worry about being caught in the dark again. Also, it has 3 lighting modes with SOS mode, you can flexibly adjust according to different needs to meet the lighting needs of various environments.