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ALL LOCK: Snap. Lock. A Stronger Phone Mount Than Ever

Never shake or fall | Lock & unlock in 0.5 seconds | Hold up to 25Kg-wt pulling force | 8-piece kit to use anywhere, anytime


 ALL LOCK only takes 0.5 seconds to mount and dismount your phone, while withstanding 25KG of pulling force (about the weight of a toddler. We may or may not have experimented with that…) without disengaging. We spared no money on the materials, that’s certain.

ALL LOCK is universally compatible with almost any phone model, and it can adapt your phone to any scenario and make it more exciting: From the mundane to the extreme. Each unique phone accessory virtually turns your phone into another cutting-edge device and makes the most of it. Take a look at what ALL LOCK will do for you!

Time to talk about each unique phone mount and how it makes your life easier. There are 8 in total, and every phone holder has its own intended purpose. We got you covered for every scenario you could possibly find yourself in.

Working out and doing sports? Traveling? Chilling at home or in your car? Working?

These phone mounts will turn your phone into the perfect device for that particular situation:

【Fastest】Superior to existing solutions, ALL LOCK has simplified and streamlined the phone mounting and dismounting procedure down to a mere 0.5 second. Yes, it guarantees instant single-hand alignment every time, thanks to its strategically inbuilt magnet array.

【Safest】Even better, your phone is automatically and firmly locked into place through our proprietary design that sets ALL LOCK apart from all other competitors. Your phone will be steady and secure as a rock and not shake or fall in even the most violent movements.

An ingenious and one-of-a-kind design, including carefully in-built magnets and four mechanical bolts, is the jewel in the ALL LOCK crown.

[Strategically Arranged Magnets] Your phone aligns perfectly with our phone holders everytime in a snap and in a one-handed operation, thanks to the even distribution of magnet forces. It has been surprisingly effective, and we are happy with the results so far.


 [Twist To Unlock] Though it is a phone mount system that simply refuses to fall, it is miraculously easy to manually disengage. Simply turn your phone 45 degrees in either direction, then your phone will be unlocked from the mounting accessory. That easy huh?

[Four Free-Moving Bolt Locks] The cherry on top, is the free-moving bolt locks brilliantly designed in each of the four corners. As the part of ALL LOCK on your phone comes close to any matching ALL LOCK mounting accessory, it touches and pushes the bolt locks outward, and then automatically, draws them back to their original positions. As a result, the two parts work together to clutch your phone tightly as a mechanical lock.


The secret 8-piece set of versatile phone mounts provide a smooth hands-free mounting solution in all scenarios as well as a seamless transition from place to place.

Hiking? Jogging? Cycling? Driving? ALL LOCK is all you need. Anytime. Anywhere. Need more features? ALL LOCK gives a new meaning to multifunctionality: The car mount and the desktop mount keep your phone fast charging while holding it firmly and securely; going from portrait to landscape has never been easier; the remote control makes taking selfies much faster and safer.

 The ALL LOCK system means a charged phone you can use at any second in every scenario. This proprietary mechanism achieves the ultimate secure and convenient mounting experience every time.

Keep your phone wirelessly charged as fast as 15W at work or when driving. ALL LOCK’s desktop phone holder and car charger make sure your phone topped up at any moment.


The ALL LOCK Case and the Snap Adapter cover almost all phone models, bringing a far more satisfying phone use experience to every aspect in the life of all digital nomads.

[iPhone 12/13/14 series users] It is recommended that you go by the ALL LOCK Case (in translucent matte black color) which fits perfectly with your device, adds extra protection and elegance to it, and most importantly, guarantees the uncompromised MagSafe abilities of your device.


ALL LOCK Case adopts 2022’s latest shockproof design to protect your phone from falling, so passing the three-meter free fall test is a piece of cake. With ALL LOCK case, your phone will survive every harsh drop and remain pristine for ages.

[All other phone models] For users of other phone models, such as Samsung and Google, the ALL LOCK Snap Adapter is a great alternative. It sticks to the back of your device, even with your own protective case on. It is minimalist, unobtrusive and straightforward. Assisting guides and tools will be included to assure failproof installation with great ease.

Apple users can rest easy knowing the ALL LOCK Case is totally compatible with all their Apple MagSafe accessories. Snap on and charge away, ALL LOCK complements your Apple devices!