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AirTaste: No Stir, No Oil, No Burning with Patented Airlayer

Cook tasty and nutritious meals without oil, stirring, burning, boiling over or sticking with AirTaste’s patented air-layer technology.

AirTaste is essentially 2 pots in 1. Put AirTaste on the stove, and it will steadily heat the air layer sandwiched between the 2 pots. 

The heat is then distributed evenly across the entire surface of your pot — even its sides! — making sure you eat a fully-cooked, nutrient-rich meal every time.

No matter how thick that bolognese, how juicy that steak… jams, soups, sauces… and everything in between! AirTaste’s evenly heated layer of air makes sure every meal is always thoroughly and evenly cooked with almost no input

 1. Add the ingredients to your AirTaste.
2. Close the lid.
3. Come back when it’s done!

Even when ingredients take different times to fully cook!


AirTaste elevates your food from the flame with a layer of air and a non-toxic non-stick coating. This ensures it’s cooked consistently, at safer temperatures, and with no risk of burning or smoke.  Meaning you get healthier meals and a healthier living environment!

  •  No Burning = No Smoke + More Nutrients! 

Avoid using the microwave to defrost, or waiting long hours for your frozen ingredients to defrost manually. With its layer of air, AirTaste effectively conducts heat and allows your meat and vegetables to defrost evenly and cook simultaneously.

In a conventional pot — where temperatures vary by over 200 degrees between the edges and the center — wild convection currents are formed as the hot water rises solely from the center. 

With AirTaste, the heat comes from all directions, creating a controlled steady cooking experience. Free from boil overs and messes.


No burning also means no sticking!

AirTaste’s non-toxic coating is slippery even without any oil applied. That means you can cook meats and vegetables in their own juices without needing to water down the flavor, and avoiding unhealthy burning of greases, butters, and oils.


Heat sets apart the healthiest meal from the most harmful. The extreme heat concentrated in the center of regular pans can turn proteins into carcinogens and omega 3 oils into trans fats.

AirTaste’s patented air layer gives you more control over the heat, so every meal you cook preserves all the good nutrients!

Dutch Ovens and Cast Iron Pots cook delicious meals and offer similar heat distribution to AirTaste. But they do this using thick and heavy cast iron sides.

AirTaste is capable of better heat distribution than a typical cast iron pot due to its thicker Air Layer and the better heat transfer via air than dense cast iron.

AirTaste is also 2.5x lighter than a dutch oven or cast iron pot of the same size!

AirTaste’s patented Air Layer design gives it a 1” air chamber across its entire surface! This ensures that extremely high heats never come directly in contact with your food.


Instead, like a double boiler does with water, AirTaste first heats the air inside the chamber and then distributes heat evenly from all directions around your food. But unlike a double boiler, you’re not capped by the temperature of boiling water! 

This is similar to the heating mechanism of a cast iron pan or dutch oven, which uses thick and heavy cast iron walls to transfer heat. AirTaste improves on this design with a thicker air layer that transfers heat better and faster. 


And as air is lighter than iron — it is also 2.5x lighter than a pot of similar size!


Unlike heavy cast iron pots, AirTaste is light and durable. Both layers are made of hard-anodized aluminum oxide — with the same molecular structure as sapphire! — known for its durability and slickness.

Combined with AirTaste’s non-stick coating, it ensures your pot is more scratch-resistant and lasts longer.

AirTaste’s exclusive non-stick coating is made without potentially toxic materials like PTFE, PFAs, FEPs, and other typical toxic non-stick coatings.

While other non-stick coatings can become toxic when exposed to the high heat of a direct flame, thanks to the air layer, the inner layer never goes above a safe 392 degrees Fahrenheit (200°C). 


We studied the most popular pot shapes and sizes to give you what you need. AirTaste comes in 4 standard sizes to meet all your culinary needs. From a Deep Pot to a Saute Pan: