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AIPER Seagull 3000: Wall-Climbing Cordless Pool Cleaner

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Introducing the AIPER Seagull 3000, a cordless robot pool cleaner unlike any other on the market. It’s powered by a unique floating battery station that travels above water as it cleans, supercharging the Seagull 3000 with an unrivaled 120W of power – more than any of its underwater battery competitors. With wall-climbing power and a 120 min runtime, it’s a cordless robotic pool cleaner built for the modern era.

Pools are one of life’s great luxuries. But so often they become a chore — bogging us down with cleaning and chemicals until we wonder if it’s worth the hassle.

We’re Aiper — the world leader in cordless pool cleaning. And after years of bringing convenient, next-gen cleaning to pool owners, we’re going even further. 

For the past 5 years, our cordless robotic pool cleaners have made waves in a market dominated by corded pool cleaners. We looked at the issues making life difficult for pool owners and got to work solving them, so you can say goodbye to tangles of cords, serious tripping hazards, and wasted power from current leakage.

What’s the deal with today’s cordless pool cleaners?

Cordless pool cleaners have gotten rid of annoying cables, but with a whole new set of problems. They’re powered by built-in batteries with limited capacity. So they’re low in power, weak on suction, short on run time, and tough to operate. A heavy battery on their back means cordless cleaners can only make short trips with limited power.

This time, we are bringing you the Aiper Seagull 3000, with the creative floating battery design, a real game-changer in the cordless pool cleaner market. Seagull 3000 is hands-free pool cleaner for the modern era. Helping you bring fun back to your backyard and giving you the new pool feeling that makes you want to dive right in year after year.


Over the past weeks we randomly invited some previous customers of AIPER to join our Beta Test Program, so they could try out the Seagull 3000. Our goal was to get authentic feedback from real users, so we could see what was working and what users wanted more of.

Their comments and reviews have been extraordinary, with many of them giving a thumbs-up to the Seagull 3000’s cleaning performance and versatility. Don’t take our word for it though — check out what they had to say after trying it out for themselves. As more feedback is submitted, this section will be updated.

For more YouTuber reviews, please see the “Sneak Review” section below.

AIPER has strong production power and promise to deliver the Seagull 3000 to backers on time. The production is going smoothly as planned and we have completed the production of the first two batches 707 units in total. We are preparing for shipment to the local warehouse and we’ll keep you updated with all the details. For all the US backers, you will receive your Seagull 3000 in late May after campaign ends. For the rest of all backers, you will receive yours in early June.

We always believe that the pool cleaner should go cordless. Cordless pool cleaners make your pool cleaning safer, especially for families with children or elderly people. Without the limits of cords, the cleaning surface coverage will no longer be constrained. More importantly, no more time needs to be spent on maintaining your cords, which gives your time back to your families.


Despite the convenience, one reason that keeps people from opting for the cordless cleaner is its poor cleaning performance. To solve this problem, Aiper equips the cleaner with a powerful power station—the floating battery. The innovative 7800mAh floating battery provides power to the cleaner consistently, which is the reason why Aiper can achieve 120 mins runtime with 3229ft² cleaning coverage and 120W suction power.

The floating battery not only guarantees a larger power supply but also offers a consistent Bluetooth connection, so the pool cleaner can be connected to the smart APP at all times. Cable-free, hands-free, hassle-free.


Stronger suction, for a cleaner pool. We built the Seagull 3000 with a powerful 120W motor that is 2 times stronger than its competitors — driving stronger suction at any angle. It’s tough enough to suck down sturdy leaves and crushed stones, clearing your pool of your least-loved debris.

But it’s not all big numbers. Seagull 3000 also sorts through the tiniest debris, with the finest filtration accuracy of any cordless cleaner. So it takes in particles down to 180µm and keeps them from floating back into your pool water.


Cleaning your pool walls and waterline is tricky. The closer you get to the surface, the more power you need. That’s why they’ve long been the realm of powerful corded cleaners and overly pricey robots.

Those days are gone. With its strong triple-motor system, the Seagull 3000 uses durable PVC brushes and superb traction to clean every surface of your pool — floor, walls, waterline, and everything in between. All with a robot that doesn’t break the bank or get caught up in cords.

Pool robots that carry their batteries are slow. They crawl like turtles, offer weak suction, and quit before the job is done.

The Seagull 3000 flies through cleaning time with a full 7800mAh power station floating above it. That’s what gives it the power to clean your pool at full strength for 2 hours, while most cleaners quit after 90 minutes. That ferocious battery delivers up to 3229 sq. ft of cleaning on a single charge — enough to clean six average pools. Or a really big one.


Most pool robots are only smart enough for three directions: right, left, and straight ahead. What about all those spaces in between? Off-limits, we’re afraid. Seagull 3000 was made to clean from all angles, with smart auto-turning to help it go any direction to meet the flow of your pool. Those deep-sea maneuvers help it clean 30 percent more area than other robots, making it an ideal cleaner for pools of different shapes.  

The Aiper App offers 4 different cleaning plans to meet various cleaning needs — from cleaning only walls, to floor and walls together, to triple cleaning the floors and giving the walls a light scrub.

And you can change course any time from the app. So if you see the pool walls need their barnacles double scrubbed,  just adjust your settings from the app.

Every pool has those hard-to-reach places. With the manual mode of the Aiper App, you can control your Seagull 3000 remotely. If you see a spot that needs extra attention, simply grab your phone and steer the Seagull manually for better underwater cleaning. Or drive it up the wall to your hands when you’re ready to pull it aboard.

Seagull 3000 isn’t picky about pool shapes. We made it to clean pools of any shape, size or surface.

We gave the Seagull 3000 more than enough power to crawl walls of cement, fiberglass, or vinyl plastic, with smart maneuvering to go everywhere in even the oddest shaped pools. So whether your pool is shallow or deep, in-ground or above, circle, square, or kidney, Seagull 3000 will clean it out quickly, so you can get back to enjoying it.

With a smart obstacle detection system, it’s able to steer around any object it can’t suck up. And with a supercharged battery and powerful motor, it easily deals with drain caps and other bumps on your walls and floor. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning pools with uneven surfaces.

Like an underwater excavator, the Seagull 3000 carries more debris out of your pool than other robots, with twin oversized filter baskets to hold an impressive 5.4 liters of debris in total at a time. And it keeps dirt and debris trapped inside so it doesn’t float back out into your pool. It clears more leaves, stones, and dirt, for longer deeper cleaning sessions.

And the baskets rinse out easily, so you can say goodbye to messy filter bags that get easily clogged.

Once the Seagull 3000 is done cleaning, it drives itself to a quiet spot next to the wall in your pool and parks itself. Then all you need to do is tap the app to make it crawl right to your hands.

And it does the same thing when its battery drops below 15 percent. So it will never get stranded in open water with a dead battery, where you’ll have to launch a rescue mission to come save it.

Pool robots this powerful are usually priced out of reach for many pool owners. Seagull 3000 changes that.

We’ve packed the Seagull 3000 with the premium features that pool owners need, at a fraction of the cost.

Founded in 2017, AIPER has become one of the world leaders in cordless robotic pool cleaners. In the past few years, we have launched 7 different pool cleaning products, with several of them becoming Best-Sellers on Amazon in just one year, bringing effective and convenient pool cleaning to over 100,000 families worldwide. We have offices based in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shenzhen, and our factories are based in China.

We’re proud of the products we’ve been launched over the past few years, bringing convenient, innovative cleaning products to more families and their pools. Millions of users worldwide think highly about our product and many YouTubers also give thumb-ups and recommend our product to their fans.

Created to make pool cleaning simpler and safer for everyone, AIPER has used its outstanding focus on R&D to develop cutting-edge technologies including pool wall climbing, intelligent path planning, and auto-swerve technology. These breakthroughs set us apart from other cordless robotic pool cleaners that only have a short battery life, poor cleaning results, and a limited adaptive environment.