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Aerotec Forte Ti Diver Inspired by the 70s iconic dive watch

A cool lightweight everyday titanium dive watch are ready to go-anywhere with some attractive heritage-inspired designs.

Photo credit : TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces

Photo credit : Watchdavid

Aerotec Forte Titanium Diver, a tribute to the legendary Porsche Design Ocean 2000 Titan. 

Photo credit : Watchdavid

Photo credit : Watchdavid

Photo credit : TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces

The Forte is the result of over a year of design, iteration and prototyping by Aerotec watches.

We set about redefining what an affordable, crowdfunded watch could be. Custom design, high quality parts and genuinely affordable, the Forte is our vision of a modern dive watch.

The Forte is a custom designed titanium dive watch. Unlike many of the affordable watch campaigns that you’ll see, we don’t use a generic off-the-shelf case – every part has been designed and built to our exacting standards and specifications.

Sand textured with fume effect dial

The Forte  will be offered in 4 dials, you can choose from 4 different dial colors, ice blue , ice violet, black sand texture or full lume dial.

Each dial has its own unique advantages.

Domed sapphire crystal with AR coating underside

The Forte features a domed sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystals are far more scratch resistant than the mineral ones you often see on affordable watches. It’s coated inside with an anti-reflective coating for maximum readability in any light. The full height of the watch, including the crystal, is just under 12 mm.

The bezel plays an important role in our design, the bezel itself is made of titanium and filled with Swiss Super-Luminova BGW9 lume marking and has a 120 clicks unidirectional mechanism.

 Custom easy grip screwdown crown with embossed A signed logo.

Photo credit : Watchdavid

We believe in attention to the finest details and the Forte is the perfect example. Everything from the sapphire glass to the screw-down crown accentuates the beauty and personality of the timepiece.  The bead blasted case and the Aerotec’s signature uniquely design caseback with a small sapphire crystal window enhances the luxurious style and rugged look.

Slim side profile at only 12mm including domed sapphire crystal

Our cases are made from high-grade bead blasted finished titanium. Titanium is tough and light, resulting in a solid and substantial timepiece that comes in weighing just 47g.

Titanium is a very popular material choice for high-end watches for three main reasons: –

First off, it is about five times stronger than steel, making the Aerotec Forte watch far more durable than even costlier alternatives on the market.

Secondly, titanium is about half the weight of steel with a density of 4.5g/cc vs. 7.8g/cc for steel.

-Finally, titanium is highly corrosion resistant. This means no rusting and has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic.

What is DLC coating?

DLC stands for Diamond-like carbon (coating), and is, as the term suggests, a sort of coating that can be applied to various metals. In this case, watches. Primarily, DLC is used in the watch industry because it turns regular steel black, which appeals to some customers, and certainly creates a nice unique look.

The coating consists of carbon particles and is chemically applied to the object. The layer is extremely durable and scratch-resistant.

Measuring 40mm in diameter with a thickness of 12mm, the Aerotec Forte Titanium watch case is fitted with a scratch resistant anti-reflective domed Sapphire crystal and a Aerotec signature unique titanium caseback. These dimensions make for a very wearable piece that is ideally proportioned and allow for versatility while allowing a water resistance of 200 meters. It’s dive ready with a nicely gripped and unique dive bezel. Thanks to the titanium case, the Forte titanium watch weighs just 47 grams. The Aerotec Titanium is features a Miyota 9015 caliber movement. This solid, reliable movement has a 42 hour power reserve, 24 jewels, and a classic three hand display with discreet date display at six o’clock. The spec of the Japanese 9015 is a conscious one that brings with it many benefits. For starters it’s more than a match for its Swiss counterparts on all levels; from accuracy to reliability. Smooth with a decent power reserve it’s an automatic movement that can be hand wound and features a hacking seconds hand for syncing to your chosen time zone. The movement runs at 28,800 vibrations per hour with a power reserve of 42 hours. Granted, there are movements out there with bigger reserves and faster sweeps but they come at a price and tend to spend more time on the work bench. We simply want the Forte to spend more time on the wrist. It’s also a nice thin movement, which means we can keep things slim in the case without losing strength.