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Patented Open-Ear Design|Comfortable Fit|Reduce Hearing Loss|16.2mm Dynamic Drivers|Nothing In Your Ears| Up to 16 Hours Per Charge

Feel the music, not your earbuds.

This is the promise of the Oladance Wearable Stereos, the comfort-focused earbuds that deliver high-quality sound without ever going inside your ear.

Unlike traditional earbuds, Oladance features a completely Open-Ear design that rests gently and securely on top of your ear. There are no tips, so they’ll never go into your ear. That’s how they deliver superior sound in a natural, comfortable way.

Great sound shouldn’t have to hurt

While many brands race to improve the noise-canceling and premium sound quality, designers have forgotten the most important part of any wearable technology – comfort & health.

Check out this article from Whittier Hospital Medical Center about how traditional earbuds may damage your hearing and casue ear infection.

What good are earbuds if you can only wear them for 1 hour before they make your ears sore – or worse, cause hearing damage and inner-ear problems?

That’s why we are here

To change all of the pain points of traditional in-ear headphones, other open earbuds, or bone conduction earbuds.

First, we believe the product should be a truly open earphone to achieve the best level of comfort, hearing protection, and transparent experience.

At the same time, using your ears’ natural curves, a pair of powerful 16.2 mm drivers channel epic sound exactly where you need it —  leaving your ears open and never plugged. Let alone the unrivaled continuous playtime of up to 94.4 hours.

Epic sound. True comfort. Together in an earbud at last.

Sneak Preview

We’ve sent out prototypes to experts in the fields of audio devices, technology, outdoor or sporting equipment, etc to give their professional and unbiased opinion on the features of our Oladance Wearable Stereo. Do stay tuned for more unboxing and review videos!

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Many reports have emerged about the risks of earbuds that go inside your ear – everything from skin irritation, to tinnitus, to long-term hearing damage.

The Wearable Stereos avoid all these because they never actually enter your ear. There is no pinching of the auricle, no blockage of the ear canal, no pain or damage to hearing. So you can enjoy precision audio without worrying about ear discomfort.

Chat with your running buddy while listening to Beethoven’s 5th symphony. Who says you can’t have both?

Oladance keeps your ears open, so you’ll never lose track of what’s happening around you — whether you’re running down a city block, cycling on the road, or waiting for the airline attendant to call your row. Keeping you safe, while keeping you in the moment.

The right fit, for all your moves. Molded to fit the natural curve of your ear, Oladance has a multi-point support system that spreads the weight of the buds evenly across your ear, eliminating sore spots. So you can wear them all day without discomfort. It also offers a stable fit that offers reassurance whatever the day brings.

The Oladance Wearable Stereos move when you do, and where you do.  So jump, skip, flip… Or just relax. And they are made with soft, skin-friendly silicone, easy to keep on even during your longest workouts. Your earbuds aren’t going anywhere.

Plus, the Oladance features an extra-strong memory titanium wireframe, which has a certain degree of elasticity and can return to its original shape after bending. This means you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience to put on your ear, or dropping one while you’re on the move.

There’s a reason we call them the Wearable Stereos, not just earbuds – wearing them is like having a home stereo wherever you go. Oladance lets you feel that the sound is coming from everywhere outside in a natural way, a totally different listening experience with nothing blocking the ear.

It’s also a stereo that only you can hear. Oladance channels rich, full sound towards you and away from others.

Two powerful 16.2mm drivers combine to bring you acoustic brilliance. With drivers three times the size of Apple’s Airpods, they create an audio experience that’s more like an intimate concert setting, and less like a pair of earphones. And the top bio-diaphragm technology offers a rich, consistent listening experience at any volume, from crisp and clear highs to excitingly powerful lows.

 Keep your bass tuned with Oladance’s virtual bass and dynamic EQ technology. Using automatic hearing compensation, they deliver even sound at different frequencies. Indoor and outdoor, providing a stronger sound quality experience at any time.

Most bone conduction and other open earbuds place their sound unit at the top of the ear, resulting in a distance from the ear holes.

We improved the structure to make sure the earbuds accurately cover the ear holes without going into them, cutting down on sound leakage effectively, maximizing the sound you hear, while minimizing what everyone else does.

You hear it all, while they hear nothing at all.

Better conversations start here. The Oladance’s microphone system is designed to lift and amplify your voice while putting a lid on other ambient noise in the background. The patented environmental noise canceling (ENC) algorithm rebuilds the sound of your voice even when external noise threatens to stifle it.

And with nothing stuck in your ear, your conversations feel natural, as though the person is right there next to you…Even when you wish they weren’t. Is that your boss calling?

With the 160mAh large capacity battery, plus the breakthrough low-consumption algorithms patents, we optimize the battery life of the stereo to provide up to 16 hours of continuous play per charge for unbearably long flights or workouts that go all night.

While the Oladance comes with a non-charging carry case, you can also grab an add-on charging case to extend the performance. With this large battery capacity case (2550mAh), the total playtime is extended to 94.4 hours! No need to recharge the case in 2 months if you use it for 1.5 hours a day.

With the unbeatable battery performance and comfortable design, the Oladance is made to stay in place all day – even during those jump-rope sessions and backcountry cycling trips.

Play and pause your music, skip tracks, adjust volume, and take calls — all with only a tap. The Oladance Wearable Stereos feature a touch control glass panel that puts you in control, so you never miss or press the wrong button even when you’re on the move.

That means that whether you’re chatting with Siri or browsing your newest playlist, you can control everything simply by tapping your Oladances with one finger.

Product Comparison

As the product is such a unique innovation in every detail, we find it quite difficult to succinctly explain its advantages.  We hope this comparison table is helpful for our early supporters.