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24H Deepest Health & Sports Tracking Smart Watch

World 1st Continuously Monitoring Your Blood Pressure, Body Temp., Heart Rate, Sleep Quality & etc.


Carefully tracking your overall health status during Covid-19 pandemic situation. 24 hours continuously tracking and recording your blood pressure & blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate, sleep quality and etc. With Sensiio, you can effectively improve your sleep and life quality.

During the Covid-19, it is very important to detect your blood oxygen and temperature at any time. You can know your physical condition through Sensiio or Sensiio Max.If the blood oxygen concentration becomes low or the body temperature rises for several consecutive days, you can seek medical assistance as soon as possible.  


The heart is the center of all activities.Monitoring your heart rate is not only to know your physical condition, but also helps you achieve good workout efficiency by understanding the meaning of different heart rate intervals.

Through automatic measurement and recording in the app, it is easy to see the long-term changes in blood pressure data. We need to control blood pressure well and reduce deaths due to vascular diseases.

You can share your health data with your doctor or family.You will have a ranking in the list,and you will encourage yourshelf to take care of your health more for the ranking.

With fitness awareness on the rise, many people choose to work out in the gym, but it’s quite costly to hire a personal trainer. Cloudmed Sensiio can be your fitness trainer and record your various sports data, whether indoors or outdoors, to make you healthier and have a more satisfying figure.

Cloudmed Sensiio can measure vital signs(heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen) can help assess the general physical health of people, giving them reminders on potential diseases.


24-hour continuous body temperature monitoring, providing data every minute, and tracking the change of body to regulate body temperature.

According to the UV intensity index, you can choose the suitable UV sunscreen, so as to protect you from UV rays effectively.

In addition to the physical health measurements, stress index can help you realize your emotional status and make you take better actions.

Cloudmed Sensiio can support twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and other notifications. In addition, Cloudmed Sensiio is with noise-free vibration notifications, and always stands by you quietly every single moment. And with Cloudmed Sensiio, you can stream tens of millions of songs. Have fun listening.

Both Smart and Convenient. More functions waiting for you to explore.


Cloudmed Sensiio still provides a 7-day battery life after being fully charged (2 hours charging time). Don’t worry about taking it off every day for a recharge, Cloudmed Sensiio is ready for long-term health tracking by your side.