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12-in-1 Graphene Activewear + Shapewear

Far-Infrared Graphene Fabric, Bottom-lifting Leggings & Sports Bra: Gym, Yoga, Workout, Lounge & Travel, Work from Home, Comfort 24/7


We do not just make leggings or sports bras, we make activewear incorporated with shapewear and graphene fabric. 


“S-Sports Athleisure” features effective design engineering and innovative fabric technology that lift your bottom while giving you supreme comfort, and so much more…

1 set of elevated activewear, takes you from home to office, gym room to airplane. 

You can style it up and down; exercise, work, chill and travel in it ✈️ 

All while feeling at ease and comfy 24/7/365.

1. Squat Proof Built-in Shorts

You may want to go commando and enjoy the ultimate freedom while exercising, but the gusset area is not well-designed with the right shape or fabric. This can cause abrasion to our private area and make it quite a torture to exercise in the leggings. On the other hand, some leggings’ fabric may be too thin and it will show your panty-lines if you decide to wear one.


We have designed the built-in shorts with antimicrobial lining, so you can ditch the underwear without worrying about private part abrasion, camel-toes or panty-lines 😉 100% squat-proof! 

2. Bonded Bum-lifting Design

These days, we do not just wear leggings to exercise. We wear them to run errands, get a coffee and hang out with friends, or even go to work in them. It is important to have leggings that will make us look good with flattering designs. 


We have incorporated shape-wear element into the leggings, that will have instant bum-lifting feature and make us look presentable everywhere we go. 

 3. Graphene fabric to regulate body temperature

Graphene fabric is highly functional and is conducive to active human bodies. According to Science Daily, the far infrared properties in graphene can filter between the skin and the environment, expel heat in hot climate, and distribute heat in colder weather. This keeps our body at optimal temperature. 


We used graphene fabric in the lining to ensure the body heat can be distributed evenly while we exercise. Fabric with graphene has a cooler touch than usual fabric, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Graphene also enhances muscle performance and helps muscle recovery as well. 

We used the same model to wear a pair of competitor’s leggings to compare with our Lifting Leggings. All the design details we mentioned before, like the built-in shorts and bonded shapewear designs, manage to deliver instant and incredible results. 

To mimic the shapewear effect on our “Lifting Leggings”, we have added a custom-designed pattern to bond on the inside of the leggings. With the bonded elastic fabric, it can compress the covered body parts and shape them up. This creates the visual of more “lifted-up” bottom, as you can see the comparison photos above. 

Demonstration of our Graphene fabric 

No sign of pilling or breaking when a sharp nail pokes through the fabric, super durable and strong fabric made of Graphene. 

  •  Body-temperature Control: Its superb thermoregulation feature can distribute body heat from human bodies to fabric, keeping users’ body temperature optimal. 
  •  Enhance Athletic Performance: Graphene helps us cool down and redistribute body heat when we work out rigorously. This enables our body to use less energy to cool ourselves off and in turn, use the energy to perform better athletically. This way, we do not waste our energy for cooling, but to perform longer and better. 
  •  Help Muscle Recovery: Scientific studies have shown that Graphene bounces our body’s natural far-infrared energy back to us, to help our muscle cells recover. 
  •  Anti-bacteria: Graphene repels odor-causing microbes , help fabric stays clean.

1. Front-Zip Easy Strip Bra Top 

Sports bras are supposed to fit your body like a second-skin so your performance can be accelerated. However, have you ever experienced bra tops that fit way too tight, that it became a struggle to even get them off after a sweat session? We have all been there. That’s why we have designed a bra top with the front-zip, so you don’t have to break your elbow just to get the sticky bra off yourself anymore.

2. Side Pockets 

With activewear becoming part of our daily life, we will go from our home to the office or school, then to the gym and lunch or even dinner dates in the same pair of leggings. Thus, we feature side pockets for each side of the legs, so we can always have a place for our phones, wallets, keys and cards.

3. Decorative Stitching & V-Shaped Waistline

The stitching of the leggings are strategically placed along our body curves so it will lengthen our legs and lift our bottom visually


The V-shaped waist-line is also another design detail to give us a slimmer waist

4. Cross-back Top

When we are stretching and training hard at the gym, the last thing we want is having garments that are too tight-fitting that limits our movements. Our two bra tops have cross-back designs that facilitate your movements, all while keeping you chic and stylish. 

Our collection features single jersey fabric made from 72% Nylon, 28% creora® eco soft with biomass Graphene. It is incredibly soft and cool to touch. Once you put them on, you would not want to take them off!


Our fabric is certificated with washing color fastness 3.5-4 level as per ISO 105 A1. Even after 100 washes, there is no color fade or pilling of the activewear sets. 

The fabric has a bacteriostatic effect that enhances hygiene and anti-odor features. The antibacterial rate of daily bacteria against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans is 99% (tested after 50 washings).

It is all about fit, fabric and function.

Summre Studio’s “S-Sports Athleisure” features all 3 of the key points.

 Fit: We make sure there are specific design details that can flatter your waist, flatten your tummy and straighten your legs. And of course, our built-in shorts can replace your underwear, and guarantee there are no panty-lines or camel-toe 🤫

 Fabric: “S-Sports Collection” features single jersey fabric made from 72% Nylon, 28% creora® eco soft with biomass Graphene. It is incredibly soft and cool to touch. You would not want to take them off once you wear them.

 Function: Our bonded shape-wear pattern can lift your bottom, which helps accentuate your figure. Graphene in the fabric also emits far infrared properties, taking your fashion game to a high athletic performance level.