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🔪 This knife unlocks countless culinary possibilities

We’ve developed a knife that is sharper, more durable, and most of all, more “ergonomic.”

To keep our fulfillment promise, we have input our self-funds to finish mass production for producing 3000 pcs knives. That means we can send out your orders by the middle of Oct, right after the campaign!

If there’s one kitchen tool that’s indispensable for pros, skilled home cooks, or even novices, it’s the chef’s knife. However, there is no such thing as a “perfect” chef’s knife. Designing a universally adaptive one involves many personal variables, like your cooking style, experience, and habits, as well as details like hand size and subtle preferences like weight, balance, and grip comfort.

At Hard Crafts, we saw an opportunity to create better chef knives. So we channeled our energy into designing and engineering knives that are sharper, more durable, and most of all, more “ergonomic,” made of premium Damascus steel and sold at a reasonable price.

So we dived into a very subjective question: “What factors make up a brilliant chef’s knife?”  

Magic happens when our signature wedge bolster meets the ergonomic handle.

Collaboratively, they unlock the flexibility of holding the knife, as well as the versatility of wielding it, resulting in a weight that’s light enough for slicing vegetables and heavy enough for meat.

When the European style meets Japanese craftsmanship. Traditional Japanese chef knives are lightweight and known for their exceptional sharpness, while European knives are reputable for versatility and low-cost maintenance. Thanks to material advancement and fine craftsmanship, Hard Crafts managed to create REO by merging the merits of both styles into a single chef’s knife.

REO is designed and engineered for precise cuts and ultimate edge retention, serving you with speed and accuracy for all your kitchen prep needs. 

The blade is made out of proprietary VG-10 high-carbon steel and is enveloped in 33 layers of premium Damascus steel on each side that lends extra strength and corrosion resistance. 


The cutting core is comprised of uniquely formulated high-carbon steel that boasts 60-62 Rockwell Hardness. It can be honed to an extremely sharp edge, angled at 15 degrees per side.

Regardless of whether you are tackling heavy-duty tasks such as slicing through a thick cut of meat or performing delicate knifework like boning fish and dicing herbs, 

REO promises to deliver a silky smooth cutting experience with little effort.

Rhythmic Rocking Curve

Conducive to a more rhythmic rocking motion when slicing.  

Wider Blade

Ideal for transferring freshly chopped ingredients from cutting board to pan. 

Pointed Tip

Easily pierce through tough ingredients, also great for delicate prep like boning finish or chicken. 

Wide-angle Heel

Thoughtfully designed wide-angle arc heel keeps your fingers away from accidental cuts.  

The handle has been crafted in an arc shape, slightly raised from the top edge of the blade, providing a sure, comfortable grip making it a true extension of your hand and user-friendly for skilled home cooks and novices. 

The arc also provides enough room so that your knuckles won’t hit the cutting board when you are slicing, chopping or dicing.   

Grooved conjunction, ensuring comfy and secured grip

Wedged flat top and rounded edge  

Streamlined from blade to handle, the uniquely designed wedge bolster merges perfectly with both vital components of the knife by creating a smooth junction, allowing you to hold and maneuver the knife exactly how you intuitively do in different meal prep scenarios. 


The flat top bolster lends extra leverage and pressure when holding in a normal grip, helping to easily slice through dense ingredients such as frozen meat and shelled sea food or veggies and fruit like onions and melon.

Narrow-Grip (Pinch Grip)

When dealing with delicate ingredients, the grooves on both sides of the bolster allow a sure and comfortable pinch grip, offering extra maneuverability when slicing through fish or removing bones from chicken.


When mincing, chopping, or dicing vigorously, a wide grip will generate more

momentum and deliver finer results.